Your Product Photography Guide: Do It Yourself

Give a Huge Push to Sales with More Product Images
Give a Huge Push to Sales with More Product Images
April 4, 2016
Product Photography for eBay, Etsy and Instructables
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May 2, 2016

Your Product Photography Guide: Do It Yourself

Product photography has grown in importance over the years, and it is now a fundamental of e-commerce. The quality of your product, on the web, is judged by the quality of its photography. To win the market and sell out your stock against your competitor’s alike products, photography is instrumental. There are various techniques in practice at the current time. In this tutorial, however, we are focusing on the Window Light Technique. It is very simple and works wonders.

photography studio setup Requirements


Like every recipe, Photography has its ingredients too, the equipment. You don’ need to get your pockets empty on a high-tech camera. Money doesn’t buy you the perfect click. You can do with a camera with a fine result even if it is less costly as photography requires more than a camera. Pick the one with the best specs in your range, it should have a fine quality, and that is all.

high tech camera

Tripod is more than necessary in product photography. You cannot afford a blurry shot. If the camera shutter is slow, the tripod is most effective in producing a better output.

Photography Tripod


The background is important. You need a white Background for product photography. You can easily find it at the nearest photography store. A thin mat board of 32×40 would do well.

white bounce cards

Get white foam core to use as white bounce cards. A standard folding table, tape depending on the size of your table and a nicely lit up room with a window and wall.

How to Shoot?

The Window Light Technique is very simple to use for great quality results. You can easily make use of it even if you are a beginner.

The first thing to do is to set up the workplace. Start with the placement of the table. Get as close to the window as possible but make sure that you don’t dissect the shadow of the window. Ninety degrees to the left or right of it would do just fine. You may experiment with the placement later on. Setting the angle at forty-five degrees is a good option as well. We need natural light, as much as possible. Turn off the other lights in the room, filter out the natural light as it is the best you may find. Also, avoid direct sunlight on your setup, it can be harsh for the shot.

Photography setup using sun Light

Next, you have to set up the white sweep. It has to go from lying flat on the table to standing vertical. You can tape it up to the wall.

Then comes the camera. Be careful with the options you select. Set the white balance to auto and turn off the flash, it ruins the natural light. Select the highest quality image settings. Select the raw option if your camera offers it, it produces the finest results. Set ISO to 100. Pay attention to the histogram to select the exposure settings; auto, manual or aperture priority av. Use the zoom in option for the detail refining.

Position the product in the center, take some time to do it. It is very important. Use the bounce cards for light modification. Click, snap, go!

Photography setup using sun Light

Evaluate your results, try more than one shots, and select the best shots to post on your website.



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