What is the Role of Optimized Images for Web?

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What is the Role of Optimized Images for Web?

Internet is an integral part in everyone’s lives. People go through the websites speedily so they want the sites to load fast. No one has time to wait for the site to open for more than 3-4 seconds. So it becomes essential to optimize the images that are to be uploaded on the site.

Buffering speed and loading time must be so quicker that when anyone opens the site, he or she can view it without any halt. To keep the viewers hooked, proper image size must be used. It will sustain the interest of the viewers. But make sure not to mess up the appearance of the web page or else it will keep the users away from visiting your site. An inundation of images can break the credibility of your brand and invite a lot of bad users. To offer user friendly website, the design and loading speed of the images must be perfect.

Big images restrict the loading speed of the website and stop the user from downloading anything. Hence, resizing of the images become important as you cannot afford to lose your potential customers. Using photo editing software like Photoshop Express Editor, you can optimize the images. Any web page must not exceed the size of 100 KB including everything like CSS, HTML and images etc. this way loading will be much faster and smoother.

If not much editing then you can crop the image a little bit and remove unnecessary areas. There is a difference in cropping and resizing. In cropping, sections of an image get removed whereas resizing keeps all the elements intact but only optimize the images. While optimizing the image, you have to be sure that the images must be compatible with the browser. Don’t forget adding the image name and description about what an image is about.

Follow these simple things and optimize your website to provide a user friendly experience. Good luck!


Enamul Hoq
Enamul Hoq
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