What is layer mask and how it’s used for photo editing service?

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What is layer mask and how it’s used for photo editing service?

Photo editing services are gaining a lot of popularity given the rising demands of photo retouching. Everyone wants to look flawless so that is why editing services are highly demanded. In Photoshop, there is a tool named layer mask that is one of the most powerful features to modify an object. Using layer masks, you can make changes to an image again and again until you are not satisfied.

Layer mask hides unwanted elements of a picture and is often linked to a layer. Basically, by applying layer mask, the area that needs to be visible in the picture is painted white, the areas painted with black are invisible and the areas painted with grey color are partially visible. Because the layer mask can be edited whenever you want and can be moved independently, it helps you to try out a lot of different overlay combinations.

photoshop layer mask

So what exactly does it do and how it is used in photo editing services? Well, Photoshop comes with a brush tool that is used to paint the images in black, grey or white color. Any image that you want to edit for the flaws can be edited. Some images have a bad background so you can use layer mask to hide that background. Or some images have bad foreground that can be edited also. Basically, layer masks are white.

So use layer masks to enhance your bad images by hiding the unwanted elements from them. Happy editing!!

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    its very easy tutorial you have shared i am really very impressed to get this kind of post for free. Layer mask is very important things i never understand about it very well before reading your post. its exceptionally good.

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