Tips to Ponder Upon for Portrait Photography .

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Tips to Ponder Upon for Portrait Photography .

Portrait photography looks stunning whether it is related to friends, colleagues, family members or models. Good portrait photography is a real eye-stunner but capturing such pictures is not easy. Proper skills are required to transform an ordinary scene into a gorgeous picture and this is what is called portrait photography. Let’s take a look on how to capture a good portrait:

Make a nice frame

Make a nice frame for Portrait Photography

Backgrounds are not always bad! Yes, there are times when you see some beautiful trees, fences, walls or flowers behind the original object that can be kept in the final shot. Such things add more charm to the picture as they make a nice framing.

Comfortableness must be there

Comfortableness must be there for Portrait Photography

The model who is posing for you must be in a comfortable position to look confident and smart. Also, to make the shot look natural and realistic, the model must be free from the worries of non-comfort zone. Before starting the shoot, interact with the model so that he or she can pose in a better way.

Interesting pose

angle and pose for Portrait Photography

The pose must be interesting to keep the viewers hooked as a non-engaging pose can make the people bored. To add a little twist of spice, ask the model to show a smile or some good expression or look on the other side with eyes at the front. Try experimenting with the pose to capture a good photo.

Eye shoot

focus on the eye for Portrait Photography

Eyes are a reflection of your heart. And this statement is pretty much true in the case of photography also. If the eyes of your model are appealing, capture them nicely and make the most out of the eyes. People fall in love easily with the impressive eyes.

Non-distracted background

simple background for Portrait Photography

Backgrounds play a vital role as I already mentioned. Before hitting the capture button, make sure that the background is fine in every sense. There must not any distractions like a bin, or unwanted vehicle by the object’s side or else it will ruin the whole look. If you don’t feel like placing anything at the back, go for the plain background in white or some other color. White is always perfect!

Don’t go for too vibrant clothing

avoid bright clothing simple background for Portrait Photography

Ask the model not to wear too bright clothes. It is against the rule of photography to wear something gaudy as the viewers shift the focus from the model to the clothes which is not the need of the hour. Pay attention to the clothing, being a photographer. Here the concern is to capture good portraits and not the fashion pictures.


makeup for Portrait Photography

Makeup is the last thing to think about. It is a great thing to hide the skin flaws, blemishes, dark spots or any type of imperfections. But it must not be overly done that the viewers can easily spot the makeup areas. Depending upon the requirement of the shoot, you can ask the model to wear the makeup accordingly. Creative look can be done if the shoot is for trendy purposes. At last, the model must be comfortable wearing that or else the confidence level will be zero.

Hope you get to know the tips properly! Add your own creativity to make the portrait look amazing.

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