Remove White Background (RWB) offers different services that makes your images and pictures to look amazing. For the images to be more attractive, the RWB staff uses services such as image Background remove, clipping path, shadow Creation (Drop shadow, Natural shadow, Reflection shadow, mirror effect), image masking, web image editing, , Image Manipulation / Clothes Neck-Joint and image retouching. Also, the staff also value using the most recent application as well as techniques such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom among others. The following are the kind of services together with their niche services name.

Short Brief of Services

Clipping Path / Cut Out / Deep Etch Service

clipping Path
Image clipping is a process in which an object can be cut from an image and then can be added to any background of your choice. Our most widely used services are of Clipping Path which is also called as deep etch, cut out and background removing.

Image Masking / Background Remove Service

Image Masking service
Image masking is a very widely used services mainly where it is required to isolate any kind of objects such as fur, hair, smoke, silk muslin, or even a water splash from its background. This is a very complex procedure which we can handle at easy and provide you with optimized solution. .

Shadow Creation Service

Shadow Creation Service
Shadow Recreation service is a very necessary service for transforming your ordinary image into an extraordinary one. Our highly skilled designers will create a beautifully rendered product using shadow or mirror reflection techniques.

Photo Retouching Service

Photo Retouching Service
This is a very important service in which your facial photos are retouched to give you that perfect look. We have mastered this technology and along with beautifying the model photography we also give a very aesthetic look to high-end jewellery product.

Image Manipulation Service

Image Manipulation Service
Image manipulation service is extensively done using Photoshop. This service is done by our specialised designers in which different styles of creativities are used to amaze you.

Web Image Editing Service

Web Image Editing Service
We have a good experience in completing projects related to fashion products images or image editing for various e-commerce stores. We possess a good knowledge of the images which are accepted by eBay, Amazon, Storenvy, Tradesy and many others web sites.
After going through the above short description, you will get to understand the kind of services that we offer. If you are interested in knowing much about a particular service, click on Short Description of that particular service.

In most cases, with background colors of your choice, you can come up with professional looking background using either the background removing or image cut out when you attempt to sell a product. If you want to include product images on your e-commerce website, you should consider using image cut out since it can change the background of any color. Sometimes, a Photoshop specialist is highly recommended if you want to remove the background in an appropriate way that will make you image to look attractive. The specialist is in a position of working on any kind of image that is translucent and semi-transparent such as smoke, highlight, lighting, feathers, glass, silk muslin, muslin among many others.

Even though it is difficult to add shadows on an image during the photo shoot, but this will make the image to have a stunning look. Moreover, depending on the purpose of the image, one can come up with different shadows that are appealing to the eyes. Some example of shadows includes: drop shadow, mirror effect, reflection shadow and natural product shadow. An image that has already been created can also be perfected using image enhancement. Therefore, there is no need for retaking the image or starting from scratch. The Photoshop specialist can also use a color adjustment to change the color of the image. This can also be achieved through touch up or image retouching on Photoshop. A composition of images or design elements can be performed through an image manipulation. The image manipulation is recommended if you want to combine images to come up with a final image. It can also be used if you want to remove a particular object from an image. This service is almost similar to Mannequin and Object Remove Services. For instance, the image that you are working has that have a man and woman and you do not want to show the woman. We are in a position of removing the woman from the image in a way that the image will look natural. We also offer clothes Neck-Joint Service for clothing companies as well as online retailers.

We also offer services that can optimize website images. This enables us to create images that are compatible with webpages to ensure that client’s website looks professional. Image resizing and cropping are web image editing services that will make possible for the images to fit in a particular portion of the website. The background remove tool can also be used to remove the background to make easier for an image to be altered. The image retouch helps in perfecting the edge, color correction in addition to contrasting image to make it appealing to the eye and at the same time professional on the webpage.

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