Quick Guide on Removing the Background in Photoshop

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March 15, 2017
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Quick Guide on Removing the Background in Photoshop

To get a clear image, it is important that you render it using the tools in Photoshop. With this process, you can isolate an object from the background which is either distracted or torn or old. Ranging from the web designing to brochures to magazine covers and any type of digital work, removing the background holds a major place.

You may have to remove the bad backgrounds to give the main object a nice and beautiful look. A beautiful combination can be made by removing the backgrounds and making an ensemble of three or four objects. Number of tools is there to achieve this task in Photoshop but I am going to tell you about the pen tool, the most effective tool for background removal.

Photoshop Pen Tools

Placing Anchor Points

Open the image that you want to remove the background from. Here you need to create the line segments that are called paths. A path is the rough outline around the object which is connected with anchor points and when you click somewhere with the pen tool, a new anchor point is created. These anchor points help you to get a control over the size, shape and curve of the path.

Placing Anchor Points Photoshop

When the anchor points are placed and you click on them to drag, two handles appear which are called bezier handles. These handles are used to adjust two separate pieces of a path and it works like, the bottom handle is there to adjust the previous curve whereas the top handle adjusts the next one.

Manipulating Anchor Points

It is not always necessary that you place the anchor points exactly where they need to be. In that case, you have to adjust the points by pressing the Ctrl key with the pen tool selected when you click to place a new anchor point. Doing this, will make you move the elements of the path that are wrongly placed.

Manipulating Anchor Points in Photoshop

To get the right thing, you may have to do it multiple times but once you get hold of it, nothing better than pen tool can help.

Delete the Background

The last step is to delete the background once when you have selected the path rightly. For that, go to the Paths palette and you will see the current path layer. Right click on this layer and make selection. A window will appear where you have to pick the anti-aliased option in which the messy edges will be removed. Click on Ok and a new selection will be there.

Delete the Background

Once you see the selection, don’t just hurriedly press Delete or else it will remove not the background but the selected object. To remove the background, inverse the selection by going to the menu bar and Select>Inverse.

Delete the Background

Press Delete and the image will be a clear transparent image now.


I hope you found the article useful! Go ahead and remove the backgrounds using the pen tool to get the perfect results.

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