It Takes Shots to Sell: Product Photography for eBay, Etsy and Instructables

Your Product Photography Guide: Do It Yourself
Your Product Photography Guide: Do It Yourself
April 20, 2016
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It Takes Shots to Sell: Product Photography for eBay, Etsy and Instructables

Everything has a market, and the market is yours to be captured. You can sell anything or everything as long as you can present it well. How do we present anything on the web? The basic of digital marketing: Product Photography. You need pictures, good pictures and numerous of them. You have to select the best ones and post a collection of them; one is never enough for a customer.

Images work like an in-store trial, make them as real and as good looking as display shelf in the nearest mall’s biggest shop. How do you do it? Read on.

Light It Up

photography Light Up

Dark pictures leave a bad impact. What is the purpose of taking a shot if the product details cannot be seen? They need to be enhanced and highlighted. Use ample light while shooting for selling. It is important. If there is plenty of natural light, it’s your lucky day. Setup the camera in your backyard or by the window, take the sun’s blessings. If there is no natural light to flood it, use the white balance feature of your camera or any image editing software to light properly up your photos. Flash works for larger objects, but it isn’t a good option for smaller ones. You can always use a cardboard box to play with light; it works like an excellent soft-box.


Use plain backgrounds. Keep it as simple as you can. If your workplace is messy or not good for photography, you may setup a background surface. White is the best option. You can use interesting backgrounds as books or bricks, even outdoors.

photography Light Up

Jewels are enhanced in vintage setups. Avoid mirrors and water as your shot would come with a reflection in the frame. Reflections can be negative in photography. Your backgrounds should never be distracting.

Shooting Tips

how to carry out a product shoot

You must know how to carry out a product shoot. It is not alien; it requires the simple effort of being careful.

Use a tripod. Even when you are sure there is enough light you are always at a risk of blurring a great shot, a camera shake can do it. Details are important, enhance them. Tripod is the best option to use.

Take close shots of the smaller objects to highlight their details. However, remember the focus range. Don’t get in so close that the camera refuses to focus on the object, that’s not good for the output. Details are important.

Photography on different algles

If using SLR you can always substitute the expensive lenses with the close—up filters, they work fine.

Take a shot of every angle, clock more than once for each of it. You must have a collection to choose from; you need the best to be presented to your potential customers. Shots are always less for product photography.

For clothes and accessories, always prefer a model. Ask your friends to help you out. Where does a ring look the most beautiful? In a beautiful ring finger.

You must pay attention to the details of your product, the aesthetics of the photograph and definitely the number of your most attractive shots. Photos sell everything on the web, take note.



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