Impact of Shadow and Reflection on Photography

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August 8, 2016
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August 27, 2016

Impact of Shadow and Reflection on Photography

Reflection and shadow add a detailed look to an image by controlling the light. Adding reflection in the images gives an artistic slant thus enhancing the overall appeal of an image. Whereas a shadow is occurred when an object blocks the light falling on it and reflection is when the light falls on the surface near an object.

In photography, both shadow and reflection plays a major role and impact an image greatly. To remove the flaws in photography, both these tools are used to make an image look good. Improper falling of light sometimes makes an image bad which is important to be enhanced otherwise. The affluence of a photograph is ruined with excessive natural light which can then be treated in Photoshop using its tools. It is done carefully so as not to destroy the original image quality. I suggest making a duplicate copy of the original image to keep the quality intact.

All over the image, drop shadow or reflection services can do a great deal. Uneven look of an image has a dull appearance which can be due to dirt on the camera lens that gives such shading to an image. To make a picture gain its uniformity and depth, add drop shadow to it and see how amazing it looks. The trend of drop shadow got popular with the increasing trend of jewellery photography for the ecommerce portals. With manual drop shadow addition in the Photoshop, you can eliminate non uniform shades and make it look voluminous and sheen. Add lustre to the images with drop shadow and reflection services though!

A lot of reasons contribute adding drop shadow to an image. Sometimes the images come out to be blue or dim due to the lighting situations. If this is the case, the picture can be corrected in Photoshop using color correction, retouching and tweaking the sharpness levels. Here reflection or drop shadow is used to hide these flaws and give an intense look to the image. Do you have a jewellery portal? If yes, you must use drop shadow services to lure more people towards your products. Good luck!

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