How to do Stunning Wedding Photography

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Weddings happen once in a lifetime and they are like jingle bells for the couple. Celebrations are on in wedding season and what the appealing thing about weddings is – the couple photography. Though, professional photographers are needed to capture the moments, it is an important thing not to be missed at all. Here are some tips to make the best out of the wedding photos:

Wide Aperture

It is a great feature to produce appealing photography. Focussing only on the subject is highly important as people are going to see the couple in photos and not the surroundings.

Wedding Photography

Focus on Bride

Let the bride pose for photos. Make her hold the bouquet and then keep the arms in S shape as the models do. It will have a flattering effect on the images because her body will look stunning.

Wedding Photography

Add Blur Effect

Sometimes adding blur to the images is great especially for wedding photography. Use slow shutter speed to add movement in the image. Or freeze the couple while focusing on the ambience and background.

Avoid Playing with Effects

You don’t have to add too many effects in the images. Shoot the picture in natural tone and if required, add effects post photography. If you will shoot using effects, it cannot be converted back to the natural tone.

Wedding Photography

Don’t forget the Background

Most important thing in wedding photography is the background. Uncluttered areas are the best for good and beautiful photos as otherwise too many people are going here and there that destroys the image look. For formal shots, consider taking pictures in non-messy and clean areas.

Wedding Photography

Click Small Things

Rings, gifts, flowers, dresses and shoes are some things that can be shot to add that extra sense of appeal in the photos. Such photos add a spice factor to the album as people will adore these things later on.

Wedding Photography

Hope these tips will help you in taking nice photos!!


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