Give a Huge Push to Sales with More Product Images

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March 7, 2016
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Give a Huge Push to Sales with More Product Images

Do you want to see your sales increasing manifolds? Well, who won’t?

A very simple and proven way is to add more product images on your selling portal. Yeah, you heard it right. Have you been trying since months for huge sales to no avail? Read on the article and see the sales getting boosted in no time.

Reports show that sites having 2 images each product have 7% more chances of getting their products sold whereas 3% more chance with each additional picture added. You can miss the opportunity if you are not focusing on adding as many images as you can. The recommended number is 5-6 with a video, if possible.

Let’s dig deep into the topic to know how to add pictures in an interesting way to keep the visitors hooked:

  • Try linking the pictures with one another so that the viewer can feel connected to the product. Like if you are showing a men’s shirt, what you can do is show the front, the back, the side view, close-up and inner side of the shirt. It will make the viewer to take decision of whether or not to buy the shirt.
  • Or if you have a product in box, you can show the wrapped box then un-wrap it and finally the main product. It will make the viewers feel as if they themselves un-wrap the box.


Including as many pictures gives answer to your potential customers’ queries and they can be sure of the quality you are offering. So it’s basically a good idea to connect with your customers.


Sales with More Product Images

Assuring the customer about what are you offering is good. Here’s an example of displaying shoes from various angles:

  • The footwear is shown from almost every angle, wherever possible. You can show it individually and in pair like left, right, top down, 45 degrees and back.
  • You can add zoom feature as the viewers like to see the product from close to get a better idea of the material. Plus, if you have more colors, show every different color separately and avoid writing available in so and so color. You know what? Adding more images per product and showing different colors reduce returns because may be a particular color appeals someone while other one doesn’t. So be fair in what you are offering!!


Add more detail of bags like products. By detail, we mean to add interesting factors that viewers like to see. Think about your mind that if you are the buyer, what things you would look for in a product before buying. For bags, you can add:

Sales with More Product Images

  • Front view
  • 45 degree angle view
  • Back view
  • Unzipped view
  • Zipped view
  • Inner view
  • Strap put on
  • Strap put off

So guys, I hope you get to know what I am trying to tell you. Next time before shooting images, think hard about what you want being a buyer as it will help you a lot in adding more detail to attract the viewers. Plus, optimizing the images is a good thing for web also. E-commerce sites look impeccable with more images so think creative and see a huge boost in your sales.



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