Follow these Product Image Requirements on Amazon

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Follow these Product Image Requirements on Amazon

Amazon is the biggest online shopping platform where millions of users shop and spend most of the free time in the sales period. The importance of online portal keeps on increasing owing to the handsome discounts they offer as compared to the land stores. You can get the same product at 50% off which is available in the stores at 10-20%. Which one would you choose?

Now, the topic of discussion is what keeps the users engaged to the online portals? Is it the discount or the beautiful photos of the product that grab the attention? Well, both the factor plays a major role. Suppose, the image looks bad and the customer is not able to view it properly. Will he be interested in buying that product even if the price is low? Obviously not! However, it is important to show them the good quality images to represent your brand’s worth.

Let us see what makes for a good image:

Add all the Colors of a specific product

Having too many colors of the same apparel? Upload all the colors’ images to show the people so that they can decide which one they can choose or which one looks better. Yes, it is a marketing strategy. If you upload only one color, chances are likely that people navigate away because they want to buy another mentioned color but unable to see that live. Make sure to add all in order to gain the customer interest and also if you want them to come back.

Required Formats and Size

It comes under the technical guidelines of the product. The size and formats matter for Amazon and if you wish to sell your products at Amazon, you have to abide by these rules.

Required Formats and Size on amazon

  • The image format should be GIF, JPEG, PNG or TIFF
  • The size must be 2560px wide
  • Preferred color mode is RGB and CMYK.
  • Watermarks or logos or any type of text is not allowed
  • Background must be white with the product covering the 85% of the frame.

Image Standards

Certain standards are followed for the images:

  • Confusing items or drawings are not allowed.
  • Picture must be very clear showcasing the product properly.
  • The image should be well lit and not shot in the dark areas. Edges must be smooth and colors must not look artificial.
  • No graphics are allowed additionally.
  • Amazon doesn’t support adult images

Having that explained, if you wish to make Amazon your seller, follow these guidelines well and earn huge revenues as people would definitely choose you over others if your images will look perfect. Good luck and happy selling!

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