Difference between Mirror Effect and Reflection

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August 27, 2016
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Difference between Mirror Effect and Reflection

You must have heard about adding reflection Shadow to an image to create a voluminous illusion and depth. But have you ever heard about mirror effect? Well, that seems almost the same term as reflection. So what is the difference then?

Let me explain! The basic difference between both these terms is that the reflection is used to add shadow to a product whereas the mirror effect is used to create a reflection for the same object. It actually need professional help as not everyone can do it. Many people have hired skilled services to apply the technique flawlessly.

Whenever shadow effect is created, the visual appeal of the image gets enhanced. On the other hand, mirror effect creates an opaque reflection to an image. Bringing to your knowledge, both these effects can be created using photo editing software. So let’s add a natural and realistic look to the otherwise boring images. You don’t have to place mirrors to create a mirror effect, use Photoshop instead.

Sometimes while adding natural sunlight shadow to an image doesn’t come out to be perfect so it becomes essential to add artificial shadow. And that can be beautifully achieved with mirror effect in Photoshop. But for proper effects, skills are required or else the effect looks highly unnatural.

Happy editing!

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