Approaches to Produce Stunning Product Photography

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Portrait Photography with soft light tricks
March 6, 2016
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How to setup a photography studio at home.
March 7, 2016

Approaches to Produce Stunning Product Photography

Pictures matter a lot when you sell products online. It is the lifeline of every online portal so in order to stay ahead of your competitors, create flawless product images. Images speak a lot about themselves so they should be crisp and clear so that people buy your products without giving it a second thought.

Why E-Commerce Product Photography is Significant?

Nail the visual appearance as the biggest downside to online shopping is that people cannot feel the product. The material, smell of leather, taste of some product or anything like that cannot be sensed by the customer. So here the product images hold a significant place in boasting themselves. To let the product attract the senses of a customer, create beautiful product images from every angle so that the customer feels as if the product is displayed in front of him/her.

Let me walk you through these tips to create booming ecommerce product photography:
White background or infinity curve is the most ideal option for product photography. Create your own background or go for some post-editing services to get the work done.

E-Commerce Product Photography


Camera, tripod and quality lights are the basic things for ecommerce product photography. Invest smartly and rightly in the tools to make your photography professional. Avoid ambient lights or using point and shoot camera as they are not so perfect in clicking pictures.


Background doesn’t show what a product can hold like refrigerator or microwave. So try adding food in refrigerator to show the capacity so that the customers can get to know what all it can hold. It’s all about visual context.


Products like clothes are best perceived if worn by models. Cell phone covers look better on cell phones. So try showing what people like to see. If the clothes will be worn by model, feasibility of people having purchase that particular cloth piece would be more. It is because people can spot how it is looking like, the size, the length and what exactly the style of the cloth is.

Produce Stunning Product Photography



Setting up of the product matters as it should look perfect to the customers. Luxury items are best viewed if shown on people in tuxedos or ball gowns. And if you sell grills, go for succulent cuts of meat to double the viewing experience.


Add as much details as you can. Show various angles and sides of the product to the viewers so that they can take a better decision on what to buy. Or GIF images or animated clips are a win-win having 6 to 7 photos. Use Photoshop to edit the images and convert them to GIF.


Sometimes pictures on white backgrounds may not depict the real feelings behind a product. So it becomes essential to add some unique shots to the image like you can show a family watching TV if the product is couch. Such actions put more emphasis on the emotion and people feel more connected to the product.

E-Commerce Product Photography


Add thumbnails of your images to offer a quick look to the customers. Plus, appropriate sized pictures are the foremost concern to gain people’s attention. What you can do is add thumbnail images for front page, large version for the product page and larger one to offer close view. Larger images must be of high HD quality and larger means larger. Don’t give your potential customers a chance to shut down your website in annoyance.


Clear from its name, the images must be of same size and shot against the same backdrops. Same lighting, same cropping and same professionalism must be depicted from the images to keep the visitors hooked on the site. Your site must definitely look polished and clean.


Like a picture can sing its own praises, video is a lot more than that. Do add a video to show what the product is all about as it is an extra effort to steal the deal.

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